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The Observer was able to sit down with the Hathian General Hospital Chief of Staff, Dr. Lance Amat, yesterday morning to discuss the recent lawsuit filed by Ace’s Crew leader, Ryan “Rabid” Calhern. While the hospital spokesman has not released an official statement, Dr. Amat confirmed that they’d received the paperwork concerning the lawsuit… however, that they had not received any parental custody documents that lead to to this recent legal trouble. “Paternity has to be proven, right? Guardianship has to be legally established, right? But, one thing stands as universal clinical truth: maternity is evident in delivery. Our clinicians start with that fact and have support based on evidences. So, a mother needs no permission to take her child with her. I understand they will argue they had papers, but that is the part they will have to show. As far as I know, they hadn’t.”

“About the suit itself, we at the hospital have to be apropriate and take into consideration several things in all cases: First and foremost the patient’s life, [their] well being, and the patients right to privacy. Second, we must always consider regulations,” says Amat, which he adds are at a state and federal level, coupling all of this with personal judgement.

He also stated that their lawyer is currently looking into the matter and shall be responding shortly in kind. As for the case against Dr. Matfield, Dr. Amat laments, “It is a sad day in this town when the doctors who saves lives, indiscriminately regarless of whose life they are, gang or law, private citizens or public servants… It is a disgrace that caregivers such as many of my staff are should be in danger for their own life.”

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