Community Stricken by Violence

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Violence has once again perpetrated the main streets of Hathian. Gang wars seem to be at a peek activity as of late. Yesterday, a known leader of a local gang, Parnell Urqhart, and a soldier of his were arrested in front of the Daily Grind. They were allegedly seen beating a man, whose identity has been with held by police, when an officer spotted the scene and ordered them to cease and desist.

According to the police report both men allegedly ignored the verbal commands of the officer. After back up arrived on the scene, the officers Ansome and Andel chose to use force in accordance with the Hathian Police Department’s mandates.

Both men were tazed into submission, and taken into the police station for processing. Charges of Assault and Disorderly Conduct were given to both men, a bail being set at $1,000. After a short stint in the cells, both men were later released on bail.

When asked about the lock of up the two men a local citizen said “Good riddance.” After he heard the charges and the alleged crimes committed the same citizen just scoffed and said, “That’s the incompetent police department for you.”

It seems the police cannot only get a hold on the gang activities around town, but they seem to perpetrate the cycle by not holding the parties involved for any length of time. The police department could not be reached for further comment. A statement by the mayor’s office read, “Today we took a large step in ending the violence that has gripped the city as of late. The mayor commends the police chief for all of his hard work.”

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