Local Bar up in Flames

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Firefighters battle to containe a fire on saterday at the local strip club, the titty twister
Firefighters battle to contain a fire on Saturday at the local strip club, the titty twister

Hathian- Late Saturday morning the Fire Department responded to a fire at the Titty Twister, located on behind the Daily Grind. After closer investigation it was discovered that the fire was an act of arson. It appears that two subjects entered the bar, and proceeded to break the alcohol that was on the shelf, spreading the rest around building and lit the liquid. The hot burning acclerant soon allowed the fabric to catch on fire, spreading it into neighboring rooms. Causing close to $300,000 worth of damage.

When firefighters arrived, there was a small scuffle outside of the bar due to the chaos. No charges were filled by any of the individuals. Police are investigating who may have started the fire, but no one seems to be talking, not even the police.

“The place needed a good disinfecting, this could only do it some good” one bye-stander stated. The Titty Twister was a known strip club and was believed to offer other services in the velvet room. A priest arrived from accross the street who seemed a little distraught. When asked his thoughts on the matter, he replied “I never went there for the girls, but I will sure miss those lovely thighs and breasts that they used to serve for lunch.” while it is unclear exactly what the man was talking about, one can assume that it might be related to the all you can eat buffet, which does include fried chicken.

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