We’re Back

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You may, or, as is most likely, may not have noticed, the Hathian Observer website has been down for a while now, in fact it took our technical genius a week of switching the server off then back on again to realize that that was not the solution we were looking for. We also thought swearing at it may help but that never worked either.

That being said it would seem that we were silenced, someone, or some organization with a grudge against this newspaper decided to take us offline, mess with our servers and try to silence the news but if there is one thing true around the globe it is that you can not silent the press so here we are back again!!

So feel free to drop by the Officers near the top of Bourbon Street, behind the Slab butcher’s shop and The Clam 24/7 convenience store if you have a news story, an event you want publicizing, or if you are a local business wanting publicity contact a reporter and we’ll be more than happy to speak to you about posting your advertisement.

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