Letter to the Editor: REALLY Setting the Record Straight

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I want to go out on a limb here and ask you to go read the letter posted in this newspaper a few days ago from my time of writing this letter, entitled “Letter to the Editor: Setting the Record Straight”. Then I want to ask yourself if that could possibly be the Pulitzer Prize-Winning candidate in the category of “Biggest Pile Of Horse Shit, Masquerading As The Truth”.

I speak on behalf of myself and my collegues at the Hathian Observer, we they pride ourthemselves on not only being objective but making sure that we, I mean THEY, fact check all information pertaining to stories, and that we they make sure that we they speak to all of the relevant parties involved in a story to be able to get a fair and accurate portrait of not just the story but the truth behind the story.

Miss Jester as a representative of a CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION should know better than to try pointing fingers at others because if there’s one organization in this city that is known to be lying, cheating, stealing, kidnapping, murdering pieces of human trash, it is the Kogarashi, and therefore anything they say should be treated with the contempt it and they deserve, you may claim this is coming across as bias, and maybe it is but it also happens to be the truth, and all you need to do is close this article, go back to our main page and search through the articles and the sheer number of articles about one crime or another committed by the Kogarashi.

After the recent news articles about the Kogarashi appeared on the Newspapers website one of the Hathian Observers reporters was subsequently attacked while she was at work in the Observer by a member of the Kogarashi, who also left a booby trap for the Hathian Police Department to find when they came to rescue her, had they not then instead of writing about an attempt on the reporter’s life, we would be instead, talking about more journalists and cops being murdered while in the pursuit of their duty by a crazed criminal gang. As it was she was left with a wound that required a surgical procedure, and once again this makes it clear to anyone that still is foolish enough to believe them that the Kogarashi is not being misportrayed by the local media, far from it, the media is showing them in exactly the light they need to be shown as, and that is as a very dangerous, criminal street gang that is out of control and needs to be put down like the rabid dogs they are by Hathian Police Department.

As I finish this I hear the same reporter has been attacked again, it does not surprise me, until we bring back the death penalty for these criminals then we will never be safe, my solution


Signed: Annoyed In Hathian

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