Seaside Washed Up, New Principal Keeps Head Over Water

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Seaside School students see new leadership just before winter break.

The school district announced Grace Frontenac will be the principal of Hathian’s only public school. Frontenac replaces a line of interim principals after Calum Buchanan’s departure.

Frontenac is better known for her veterinary profession than a background in education.

“I applied for the job on a whim, I didn’t even expect to get it,” said Frontenac, “but my children come here. There is no need for a veterinarian here in Hathian, so this is a good job to have.”

The starting principal anticipates trying times ahead as resources are slim and school’s state is in dire straights.

“This school needs a community boost. Help with equipment, education. We need teachers, a healthy lunch program so those who are under the breadline can have at least one good meal a day.”

Seaside however is not without support. Brun Dug, motion picture and recording company, recently made a sizable monetary contribution to the school. Frontenac will use this donation to purchase books, stationary, and computers. She hopes Hathian businesses will follow Brun Dug’s example of generosity.

“I am very grateful to Brun Dug for stepping up and I hope other businesses will do the same. If not, I will be walking from business to business, no matter how seedy, asking for handouts. Children in the city are a city wide concern. Businesses will benefit more than anyone by highly educated children who become highly educated young adults.”

Educating and retaining students in class is of a heightened concern for Frontenac. Student participation in Seaside scores lower than neighboring districts.

“I suspect it’s something I will both succeed and fail at,” said Frontenac on boosting student attendance. “All I can promise is that I will do my best to keep children here. We are in a city that has some pretty horrible characters and some strong temptations. To expect or promise to get it right every time would be foolhardy.”

Frontenac intends to tackle the issue by soliciting cooperation of Columtreal University by founding a Big Brother, Big Sister program.

“I know children don’t always respond well to adults, so finding someone who is closer in age to be a guiding hand is a good idea.”

Despite the odds, Frontenac remains hopeful and open to working with the community.

“I have so much I can do and I am willing to listen to others.”

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