Rentals Expanded

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Saints Song Church has expanded on it’s rentals as well as branched further into Hathian with a chapel and soup kitchen.

Address :

The home for the needy is a new project brought on to help the homeless and those in need.

There seven available homes on two of the Home Project bases in Rougarou, a suburb of Hathian. There are seven homes available, six larger homes for families and one smaller home for a couple or single person.

Any person looking to take up residence in the home must apply to make sure they qualify as needy. The qualifications include the following :

• Full Name
• Age
• Employment
• Wage
• # of Children
• Current Address
• Two References

To receive an application you can ask at any Home Project Office. These are usually located on the same location as the homes or in a nearby suburb.

The ‘Soup Kitchen’ is a 24 Hour a day service to the homeless of Hathian and surrounding parishes. It is manned at all times by at least one volunteer ((NPC)) and one member of the Church Staff.

Anyone is welcome at the Soup Kitchen and donations are appreciated.

— — — — — — — — — —

((OOC Info

These rentals are open to anyone, you don’t need to ask permission OOC before renting.

However keep in mind that on renting one of the properties it will be assumed your character applied and was accepted.

This means your character will either be jobless, homeless or on a low wage job and supporting more than one other person. [Or they lied through their teeth]

Of course special circumstances can be taken into account and if you can think of something that could be relevant to your story. By all means go ahead and rent.

The rentals advertised are located :

Please click on the number next to the front doors for rental information.

Miltades Resident is the Manager of the properties OOC.
Her character ‘Carolyn-Anne Brown’ looks after the properties IC.

You can assume Carolyn-Anne’s number was given to them upon renting and vice versa.))

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