Yellow Pages

Business Contact Description
hathian General Hospital Alfie Donardson Region : D8
24 Hour Pawn Kuruptd Resident "When you buy used, you're buying a story"
27 SaritaTwisted Resident Region: D8
BB Blues Bar & Casino Byrdi Resident "C'mon over to BB Blues. Wet your whistle and enjoy the best groovin' blues in town." District 8
Berthier Street Bakery Propane Rage "Better than your mom's" (504) 555-6988 / Region: Hathian, Berthier Street
Bistro Coco Heloise Evanier Region: Batterie
Bleu Wag Bistro Alexandra Melune Where our crepes are fresh & our cheese is bleu!'
Brun Dug Recording Studios Shirukawa Resident Region: Black Bottom
Clam Convenience Store Lydhia Shinn "Happy as a clam!" Region: Hathian
Comiquities Leather bikergrrl Hathian
Companions For Canines Kyler77 Resident Region: Batterie
DOLLED UP lapetiteetoile Resident Vodou
Gein Burger Helenasbeats Resident Hathian
Hathian Civil and Legal Services No leads for now, changes are being made to the CS system. "Servicing the civil liberties out of you for years." Region: Hathian, Hathian Highway
Hathian Fire Department joubert015 resident “Hoses Ready: putting out fires, personal and professional” (624) 555-FIRE (624-555-3473) / Region: District 8, Hathian Highway
Hathian Motors Hitori Skyther “No Appointment Necessary, We’ll Hear You Coming! Now with 24-Hour Towing” (555) HMO-TORS (466-8677) / Region: Hathian, King Street
Hathian Police Department Acid Afterthought “The Den’s Largest Gang”(504) 555-1000 / Region: Hathian, Main Street
Hathian Theater Naomi Afterthought Hathian
Hathian XXX Shop Mialeta Darkwatch "We cater to the community's kinks." (504) 782-5488 / Region: Hathian, Bourbon Street
High Life Masha Eilde Best joint therapy in town.
Lou's Bar Rachell Gibbs “Curing your sobriety, one pint at a time.”(504) 555-6459 / Region: Hathian, Hathian Highway
Master Bates Inn Shady Biscuit Hathian
Patterson Funeral Home Precious Peapod Region: Rougarou
Poison Apple Tattoo & Piercing Parlor jezebel deceit “Tattoos, piercings, & general abuse.” (504) 777-1234 / Region: Hathian, Bourbon Street
Rader Records Perina McGinnis Region: Hathian, King Street
Rising Sun Maid Cafe zariah finchy TBD
Rub N Tug BettyMcDonut Resident Hathian
Seaside School reservedturtle resident Region: Vodou
Slim Goodies Diner Fhang Kroll Region : Hathian
Smash Kings Productions Conrad Rascon Vodou
Sundae School Syn Lemon Hathian
Super Chopsticks Jenia Zhao D8
Tease Hair Salon Courtney Yongbo Region: Hathian
The Daily Grind Manicstreetpreacher resident and Jordanrizzo resident Hathian
The Garage Gym Su Pointe Region: Rougarou
The Harlot's Den Tsawake Dana Vodou
The Lounge yourknightmare resident Vodou (144,139,35)
The Observer Valena Vacano “News that sometimes fit to print!”(504) 227-1984 / Region: Hathian, Bourbon Street
The Pie Hole Cat Mason Region: Hathian
The Pink Motel layawright1 Resident Vodou
The Slab Butchery Chasity Dawes "Serving up more fresh flesh than the Titty Twister!" (504) 233-4778 / Region: Hathian,
Titty Twister BlueBell Noel “We have boobs. We have booze. We are open from dusk till dawn.”(666) 999-000 / Region: Hathian, Bourbon Street
Val's Irish Pub Valmont Marseille “The best Irish pub in New Orleans!”
(504) 555-6969 / Region: Black Bottom
Vice City Niteclub Louisvuittondon Resident Vodou
Vudu Spice Shop jazmin3mynx Resident “Dont be a stranger, just be strange." (504) 666-4321 / Region: Hathian, Battle Street Contact: Jazmin3mynx Resident (Dark)
Woodbury and Walker Orlando Woodbury " Woodbury and Walker- Putting you first" (197, 114, 34)
XXX Shop of Hathian Clio Clary Hathian