Yellow Pages

Business Contact Description
Hathian General Hospital James Matfield, Rachell Gibbs Region: District 8
24 Hour Pawn Kuruptd Resident When you buy used, youre buying a story. Region: Hathian, Hathian Highway
Baelish Lounge Lloer Irelund Region: District 8
Baskerville Investigations Lily Martiel, Vally76 Resident Region: hathian, North Shore Highway
Bayou Family Clinic Hotsaucekisses Resident Region: Vodou
BB Blues Bar & Casino Byrdi Resident Cmon over to BB Blues. Wet your whistle and enjoy the best groovin blues in town. Region: District 8
Berthier Street Bakery NickolasK Resident Region: Hathian, Battle Street
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Hathian & Adoption Options comitose Resident Region: Black Bottom
Bleu Wag Bistro Alexandra Melune Where our crepes are fresh & our cheese is bleu! Region: Black Bottom, CU Campus
Bloom's Bored - Skate, BMX and Lounge Scorchedbloom Resident Region: Black Bottom
Bon Temps Cigar Lounge Molliedolly Resident Region: Devils Pocket
Brun Dug Recording Studios Shirukawa Resident Region: Batterie
Clam Convenience Store Xegras Xue Region: Hathian, Berthier Stret
Comiquities Leather bikergrrl Region: Hathian, Battle Street
Emerald NailZ Doria Resident Region: Rougarou, Mobile business
Fire Department of Hathian (FDH) Emilycooper2 resident “Hoses Ready: putting out fires, personal and professional” (624) 555-FIRE (624-555-3473) / Region: District 8, Hathian Highway
Gein Burger Catpajamas Resident Region: Hathian, Main Street
Green House Wolf Longspring, Harttness Resident Region: Hathian, Hathian Highway
Hathian Civil and Legal Services Contact NickolasK or Perina McGinnis "Servicing the civil liberties out of you for years." Region: Hathian, Hathian Highway
Hathian Motors Athertonwing Resident Region: Hathian, Hathian Highway
Hathian Police Department Acid Afterthought “The Den’s Largest Gang”(504) 555-1000 / Region: Hathian, Main Street
Hathian Tea House Catpajamas Resident Region: Rougarou
Hathian Theater Lead Manager Wanted Region: Hathian, Hathian Highway
Hentai Buffy Aura Region: Black Bottom
Howlers Blues Club Harttness Resident Gay blues club connected to Fernicators, local florist / Region: Devils Pocket
L.L. Warehouse Ashlee Redenblack Region: Rougarou, Docks
Labor Union & Hardware Store Gadinata Resident Region: Hathian, Hathian Highway
Lous Bar Lozza Weymann “Curing your sobriety, one pint at a time.” (504) 555-6459 / Region: Hathian, Hathian Highway
Mad Hatter Trading Co. Haileymarshall Resident Region: Vodou
Master Bates Inn Lead Manager Wanted Region: Hathian
Master Bates Inn Sira Ember Region: Hathian, Main Street
Rader Records Lauri Mayfair Region: Hathian, King Street
Rize Productions/ Club Ascension Nyx Khaos Region: Batterie
Rub N Tug Lead Manager Wanted Region: Hathian, Bourbon Street
Seaside School reservedturtle resident Region: Vodou, Hathian Highway
Slim Goodies Diner Lead Manager Wanted Region: Hathian, North Shore Highway
Sofia's Bar Lounge Melodine Rivera Region: District 8
Sound Mind Rainboweverything resident Region: District 8, Psychiatrist's Office
Splice Fallen Infinity Region: Batterie
Sundae School Syn Lemon Region: Hathian, Berthier Street
Super Chopsticks Lead Manager Wanted Region: Black Bottom, CU Campus
The Daily Grind Jordanrizzo resident Region: Hathian, Hathian Highway
The Garage Gym Su Pointe Region: Rougarou
The Hathian Observer Angusstanley Resident “News that sometimes fit to print!”(504) 227-1984 / Region: Hathian, Bourbon Street
The Pie Hole Courtneyshadow Resident Region: Hathian, Battle Street
The Pink Motel Layawright1 Resident Region: Vodou
The Poison Apple Tattoo and Piercing Parlor Arizona Hawksby Region: Hathian, Bourbon Street
The Rabbit Hole HaileyMarshall Resident Region: Vodou
The Slab Butchery Chasity Dawes Serving up more fresh flesh than the Titty Twister! (504) 233-4778 / Region: Hathian, Berthier Street
Titty Twister BlueBell Noel “We have boobs. We have booze. We are open from dusk till dawn.”(666) 999-000 / Region: Hathian, Bourbon Street
Val's Irish Pub Valmont Marseille “The best Irish pub in New Orleans!”
(504) 555-6969 / Region: Black Bottom
Vudu Spice Shop Jazmin3mynx Resident Dont be a stranger, just be strange. (504) 666-4321 / Region: Hathian, Battle Street
Weaver Bistro and Arts Lilalessa Resident Region: Vodou
WKRK Radio Perina McGinnis Region: Bourbon Street
Woodbury and Walker Orlando Woodbury Woodbury and Walker- Putting you first! - Region: Hathian (197, 114, 34), King Street
XXX Shop of Hathian Sakinorinabu Resident Region: Hathian, Bourbon Street

((The following are unlead open roleplay spots available around sim))

Coyote’s Underground Whiskey Bar // Region: Devils Pocket ((OOC Contact: Coyote Walker))
Front Porch Grill // Region: Devils Pocket ((OOC Contact: Masha Eilde))
Papa Legba’s Botanicals // Region: Devils Pocket ((OOC Contact: Masha Eilde))
Stop ‘n Go // Region: Devils Pocket ((OOC Contact: Masha Eilde))

((Thank you to Deklan Ravenheart for assistance in updating this!)