Yellow Pages

Business Contact Description
hathian General Hospital Alfie Donardson Region : D8
27 SaritaTwisted Resident Region: D8
BB Blues Bar & Casino Byrdi Resident "C'mon over to BB Blues. Wet your whistle and enjoy the best groovin' blues in town." District 8
Berthier Street Bakery Propane Rage "Better than your mom's" (504) 555-6988 / Region: Hathian, Berthier Street
Bistro Coco Heloise Evanier Region: Batterie
Brun Dug Recording Studios Shirukawa Resident Region: Black Bottom
CD 24 Hour Pawn Clio Clary Region: Hathian
Clam Convenience Store Lydhia Shinn "Happy as a clam!" Region: Hathian
Comiquities yourknightmare resident Hathian
Companions For Canines Kyler77 Resident Region: Batterie
Hathian Civil and Legal Services No leads for now, changes are being made to the CS system. "Servicing the civil liberties out of you for years." Region: Hathian, Hathian Highway
Hathian Fire Department joubert015 resident “Hoses Ready: putting out fires, personal and professional” (624) 555-FIRE (624-555-3473) / Region: District 8, Hathian Highway
Hathian General Hospital Honey Hoffman “Putting You Back Together”(504) HELP-YOU (504-435-7968) / Region: District 8, Hathian Highway
Hathian Labor Union and Hardware Store Tanker Moonwall Region: Hathian
Hathian Labor Union and Hardware Store Tanker Moonwall Hathian
Hathian Motors Hitori Skyther “No Appointment Necessary, We’ll Hear You Coming! Now with 24-Hour Towing” (555) HMO-TORS (466-8677) / Region: Hathian, King Street
Hathian Police Department Acid Afterthought “The Den’s Largest Gang”(504) 555-1000 / Region: Hathian, Main Street
Hathian Theater Naomi Afterthought Hathian
Hathian XXX Shop Mialeta Darkwatch "We cater to the community's kinks." (504) 782-5488 / Region: Hathian, Bourbon Street
High Life Masha Eilde Best joint therapy in town.
Lou's Bar Rachell Gibbs “Curing your sobriety, one pint at a time.”(504) 555-6459 / Region: Hathian, Hathian Highway
Master Bates Inn Shady Biscuit Hathian
Patterson Funeral Home Precious Peapod Region: Rougarou
Poison Apple Tattoo & Piercing Parlor jezebel deceit “Tattoos, piercings, & general abuse.” (504) 777-1234 / Region: Hathian, Bourbon Street
Rader Records Perina McGinnis Region: Hathian, King Street
Rub-n-Chug Tayler Rhiadra Hathian
Seaside School reservedturtle resident Region: Vodou
Shaft Gators Lana Auster "Gator wrasslin' has never been this fun." 504-314-9212 / Region:Vodou
Slim Goodies Diner KarenMarrissa Beaumont Region: Hathian
Slim Goodies Diner Fhang Kroll Region : Hathian
Tease Hair Salon Courtney Yongbo Region: Hathian
The Daily Grind Manicstreetpreacher resident and Jordanrizzo resident Hathian
The Garage Gym Su Pointe Region: Rougarou
The Gein Ellis Millet Hathian
The Harlot's Den Tsawake Dana Vodou
The Observer Valena Vacano “News that sometimes fit to print!”(504) 227-1984 / Region: Hathian, Bourbon Street
The Pie Hole Cat Mason Region: Hathian
The Slab Butchery Chasity Dawes "Serving up more fresh flesh than the Titty Twister!" (504) 233-4778 / Region: Hathian,
Theater House NickolasK Resident Region: Hathian
Titty Twister BlueBell Noel “We have boobs. We have booze. We are open from dusk till dawn.”(666) 999-000 / Region: Hathian, Bourbon Street
Val's Irish Pub Valmont Marseille “The best Irish pub in New Orleans!”
(504) 555-6969 / Region: Black Bottom
Vudu Spice Shop Amaloria Thespian “You got the obsession, we got the potion." (504) 666-4321 / Region: Hathian, Battle Street
Woodbury and Walker Orlando Woodbury " Woodbury and Walker- Putting you first" (197, 114, 34)