NOW OPEN: The Front Porch Grill

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Front Porch Grill
The Front Page Grill, Rougarou

Now located just down-slope into the Rougarou bayou on the corner of Magnolia Way and Bluebay Swamp, the Front Porch Grill is back.  Traditional southern Louisiana cooking, locally sourced ingredients, sweet tea year-round. If down-home Creole cooking isn’t enough, select from our bakery, specializing in cupcakes and mini-cakes. Leisurely dining, card, and chess players are welcome to linger.


((The front porch grill is OOCly owned by Mercy Sparrow (mercy.corvinus), but Zeke is the IC owner; please message Mercy if you want to work there ICly or have some kind of build-changing RP in mind or for any other inquiries.))

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