Cop Confesses To Sins

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By: Michiaki Yamaguchi, Youth Reporter Photo
Hathian Squad car police chase in the city.

Recently the Observer received a shocking video from an anonymous source that after viewing, is pretty damning. In it, we see two masked people with a tied-up cop who in the video states his name is Cade Morgan. The two unknown assailants get him to confess to committing various sexual acts against Sam Warrhol-Kelly.

One such act is the admittance of raping Sam Warrhol-Kelly, which as a member of the Hathian Police Department, does not reflect well on either him or the law enforcement agency he works. The video also displays brutal retribution on behalf of Sam Warrhol-Kelly, part of which is too graphic to write about in detail (at least for this writer). What I can say is that in the video, Detective Morgan was shot several times in what appears to be a non-lethal manner.

The Observer has learned that once the ordeal concluded, Det. Morgan was brought to Hathian General for medical care. His status (as of right now) is unknown, but we will follow up on this story as more facts come in.

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