Seaside Holds Talent Contest

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Seaside, a school for Hathian youth, hosted a talent show and competition on Saturday, Oct. 16, at noon in the theater. Numerous acts showcased their talents before the winner, Aida Demure-Jester, was announced. 

Show host Liz Evans Lannock introduced each act, starting with Mark Coletti, whose act was called “Dad Joke Groaners.” He proceeded to tell many jokes, such as “Why did the skeleton climb up into the tree…? Because a dog was after his bones!” Though some jokes were definite groaners, the audience seemed to enjoy them anyway. 

Next up was Aida Demure-Jester, who said, “…I love Kpop, for those who don’t know it’s pop from Korea and I love it and I wanna go some day.” She did a dance routine to the song “Kill This Love” by Blackpink. The choreography was obviously well rehearsed, and the audience applauded loudly once the dance was completed. 

The third performer was 16-year-old Aliden Steele, who performed two dances. Steele said the first dance was one he crafted to raise money for breast cancer awareness, and it was to the song “Be Strong And Don’t Give Up” by Florian Bur. The next dance was performed to “Song of the North,” a piece of fantasy medieval music. Again, the audience seemed to enjoy the performance. 

Next was Oliver Frontenac, 13, who sang the upbeat song “A Town Called Malice.” Before he started, Frontenac said he really likes to sing and all sorts of music, but added that he’s never really sang for a lot of people before. Though he was obviously nervous, the young man did very well. 

The last performer of the event was Mr. Hathian, Sam Warholl-Kelly. Though he was obviously injured, Warholl-Kelly sang a beautiful song dedicated to his husband. The song, “First Time I Ever Saw Your Face” by Roberta Flack, started out low and beautiful. When he finished singing, Warrhol-Kelly wiped tears from his face as the audience applauded. 

During the event, the bar was open for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Food and drinks were free for those under 18. Aida Demure-Jester was also doing hair at her mobile hair salon. Prizes included a trophy and gift certificates to Berthier Street Bakery. 

Money raised during this event, plus donations, go to support the youth of Hathian. Anyone else who is interested in donating should contact Liz Evans Lannock at [email protected]/.

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