HPD Officer Killed In Line Of Duty

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By Joanne Steel

The Hathian Observer has received information via a press release from Hathian Police Department on the recent death of one of their serving officers who had bravely responded along with his colleague, to an armed robbery that had turned into a hostage-taking.

From Hathian Police Department:
“Officer Slater and Officer Charles responded to a 911 outside “The Clam” of a robbery that had turned into hostage-taking. The suspect was stated to be armed with a 9mm firearm. Holding up the Clam Clerk Tommy Franks regarding a bottle of Jackson and a pack of smokes the suspect had refused to pay for. Before the police officers arrived on the scene the suspect had shot both CCTV Cameras leaving them broken and not recording. The suspect was later identified as a local hobo ring leader, known locally as Mister Wanky, real name was Randy Farmingstead, an unemployed man with a drinking and drug abuse history.

Farmingstead was getting erratic and started to threaten to shoot the clerk if the police officers didn’t back off. Officer Charles took the chance to move to the back door as Slater went through the front of the building. Charles going to the fire exit (Rear side of building behind the counter) To get a better shot at the suspect. Slater meanwhile tried to talk down the suspect and tried to have him remove the gun of the victim. At that point, the suspect lost his temper when he heard Charles breach from behind and shot Slater five times. The clerk managed to free himself and pushed the suspect of him and rushed to safety. Officer Charles fire four rounds into the suspect. When Officer Charles managed to get to Slater he was already dead. EMTs were called towards the Clam to provide first aid. Suspect Farmingstead was pronounced dead a few moments later. At the time of approximately 29 September 2021. 9:47:39 AM SLT.

Evicence recovered from the scene included several shell casings from a
9mm Beretta pistol that had been used by Farmingstead for the robbery and shooting.

The Hathian Observer would like to pass on their condolonces to the family, friends, and colleagues of Officer Slater

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