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Hathian city employees are making preparations for Hurricane Ida, a storm expected to become a Category 4 storm as it hits the coast Sunday afternoon or night, by boarding up windows, placing sandbags around the city, and more. Since Hathian is a coastal city, it will be greatly impacted by the expected 10 to 15 feet surge of ocean waters. High winds, ranging from 85 to 100 mph, are also expected. 

Vanora Blackheart, sergeant at Hathian Police Department, said, “Stay in [your] house. Flood proof your home. Don’t take risks. Stock up on food and water. And avoid being a dumbass by going to the beach with the storm.” People are also encouraged to evacuate the city until the storm passes. Those who decide to stay only have the rest of today to prepare. 

Those who evacuate should turn off all utilities in the home and follow the community disaster plans (found at Family members should agree on a common meeting place in case of separation. Pets should be evacuated as well. Whether one evacuates or not, the exterior of all buildings should be secured. Trim trees and shrugs, bring in outside furniture, potted plants, and toys. Any existing shutters should be closed. For dwellings without shudders, pieces of plywood can be nailed to window frames. 

For those with a generator in case the power goes out, make sure it has plenty of gas. All appliances should be unplugged and moved away from exterior doors and any windows. The safe storage of important documents should also be considered. Consider preparing an emergency kit with flashlights, portable radios, batteries, non-perishable food, bottled water, and more. 

Anyone who needs supplies such as sandbags or pieces of plywood can get them at the Hathian Fire Department. Hathian Civil Services will have a supply of bottled water for those in need. For more information on preparing for bad weather, go to

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