Dear Grace: Penis Presenter

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Dear Grace,

I have recently met a girl that I like so much, but I hear she has a boyfriend. The thing is I know if she gave me a chance she would dump him and be with me. Should I get her interest by sending her a dick pic? I feel if she sees how gorgeous my cock is she’s going to fall in love with me. I know she will see how much I have to offer her.

Thank you.

Dear Penis Presenter,

The answer is a hard… excuse the pun… no. No one actually likes the look of dick’s, in fact, women are horrified and grossed out when they get pictures of them in their inboxes. Especially by strange men, and trust me, you send a picture of your meat and two veg, and you will be classed as strange. Perhaps your best course is to allow her to be with the man she actually cares about and for you to find someone else to romance… Without pictures of your body parts.

And Ladies… if you do get a picture of someone’s wiener, the best thing to do is to either delete it or send the picture to their mom. There is absolutely no point in engaging in that behaviour as it’s a tactic for attention.

Good luck.


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