Hathian’s Latest Street Stalkers

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by Tarja Olzon ((Fionola Resident))

Contacts within the Hathian Police Department have confirmed that not one, but two potential serial killers are currently active on the streets of Hathian, there may be even more not yet discovered.

A recent altercation between HPD officers and one of the suspected killers left one officer badly and has sown confusion and fear in the streets. One suspect has been potentially identified as Ain Hopper, however, this identification cannot be confirmed. He is known to wear a mask concealing his face and often a long coat under which he may conceal a variety of weapons. One eyewitness who did not wish to be identified claims that this killer made cannibalistic remarks, leading to the theory that he targets his victims based on their appeal as food. HPD advises that citizens not approach this person under any circumstances and consider him armed and very dangerous.

The second stalker in the streets is less well characterized, he is reported to be a male, posing as a photographer who targets and attacks male victims. HPD is actively investigating and advises the public to keep an eye out for suspicious behavior and report any sighting to the HPD immediately.

Perhaps the most distressing aspect of this entire report however is the fact that the suspect potentially identified as Ain Hopper is also reported to have made comments about some sort of ‘family’ HPD detectives believe that while this may or may not refer to a nuclear family, it almost certainly represents the possibility of additional cannibals in our vicinity. Unfortunately, there is no indication that these cannibals are satisfied with the offerings of the Gein Burger and so we urge any members of the public who are aware of any further information to reach out to the HPD via their official snitch line available by dialing 911.

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