March Rain Gets Wet ‘n Wild in Hathian

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Hathian citizen catches a man riding pieces of a roof down flooded Hathian Highway ((credit to KhylerCD on Twitter))

High winds hit the entire region, pushing waters up over into Bourbon Street and down into the Titty Twister. On Sunday, reports of tornado activity were also heard coming from the bayou just north of town, with the docks sustaining heavy damage. Much of the city was effected, with southern areas escaping harsher damage. Folks were able to find shelter during the storm, thankfully, in local businesses, their homes, and as Seaside School in Vodou.

Bourbon Street flooding ((credit to KhylerCD on Twitter))

Through our reporting, we’ve found the following from our commercial community:

Berthier St Bakery: Main window busted by vandals in effort to escape storm.
Clam Convenience: Broken windows & leaking roof with some water damage thanks to the flooding that occured from such. Having a big sale on toilet paper!
Comiquities: Most merchandise saved from water thanks to shelving height, few boxes lost and carpet damage due to water.
Daily Grind: a few inches of flooding inside caused water damage.
Hathian Motors: water seeped under the garage doors, but all cars had been lifted so there was no damage to anyone’s property. Hathian Motors will be offering 25% discount to customers for any fixes due to storm damage!
Hathian TapHouse: Heavy damage thanks to wind and rain; will be closed for a little while for repairs.
LL Warehouses: Flooding of the docks and minor water damage in the warehouses.
Lukey’s: Total destruction, likely to close.
Pie Hole Pizzeria: water damage to the ceiling and walls due to break in the roof.
Poison Apple: minimal damage due to windows being boarded up.
Rader Records: Some water damage to the floor and shelving in the front of the store as well as the roof, and heavy damage sustained to doors.
The Slab Butchery: Main window cracked by winds and roof sustained damage.
Slim Goodies Diner: small floor and roof damage due to flooding.
Seans Mexicana Diner: sustained extensive damage, closed for renovations.
Seaside School: Broken windows on the second floor due to debris, thankfully on outskirts of storm & used for shelter.
Titty Twister: Water rose to about knee-height, but the old strip mainstay was better prepared after years of floods, and furniture was moved into storage upon first sight of flooding. Water damage remains, but largely fixable.
24 Hour Pawn Shop: minimal damage.
Woodbury & Walker: Water damage to the lower floors/basement which seems to be causing a lot storage problems. Reporting some hardcopy document/hardware damage, some damage to windows and water warping to doors.
XXX Shop: Loss of merchandise in the lower floor, flooring destroyed. XXX EMS Vehicle destroy. Denizens likely to find double dongs scattered around southern Hathian due to being washed away by flooding.

Pie Hole Clerk Adrienne Pennino snapped these photos while on her walk surveying the town, as residents survey the damage in their community. ((credit: Sofia Vyper))

Current road conditions are still quite wet, though the flooding has drained mostly into the sewers and into the bayou. Due to damage from the tornado, parts of the road along North Shore Highway and Bourbon Street north of it are closed.

((credit to Savvyneophyte Resident on Flickr))

Jason Collins of Hathian Hardware and Labor has informed us that supplies in his store are stocked, and contractors are on deck, ready to help with repairs at any time ((IM Carlwhatever Resident to set up this RP!))

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