Zeroing In on Amber’s Baby Daddy Drama

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Story submitted by FaQue Zero, host of Zero Hour.

Zero Hour – Hathian’s premier local live broadcast hosted by FaQue Zero and Bobby the Emotional Support Bobcat are gonna find out who is Amber Dawson’s Baby Daddy. Now we advise everyone who engages in unprotected sex or sex with a prostitute to get checked for STDs regularly. But the original scare has been solved and it turns out that Cheech Diabolito was the cause of Amber’s STD which resulted in Chong contracting it. It is Louisiana after all, so family shared STDs are to be expected.

At this time we need help, your help in the community to assist us in having the following come in and provide a DNA sample or if you bring it in for them, maybe steal their hair brush, old gum, something it just better be verifiable as a child’s future is on the line, so please no fake DNA. For the real stuff we might be able to compensate you for your assistance. The following is the list of potential baby daddies who have not voluntarily provided a sample yet, but it has been the holidays and we know people have been busy: Rupert Braxton, Connor Benino, Corvus Deceit, Christian Bellefleur, Charlie Asher, Vicus Grau, Corde, Camden Fabers, Cornwalace,

Help us out and clear yourself of the burden of worry about 18 years of Child Support, garnished wages, medical costs, and a nagging red head. 18 years is a long time so get yours sample in.
As of 1/4/2021 two possible baby daddies were removed. One was Bret, just an out of towner passing through and the other LittleCletis String, you may have seen him as a street performer dressed like Elmo. These two are clear, not Amber’s Baby Daddy and sleeping better at night. We will get to the bottom of this mystery and find Amber’s Baby Daddy.

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