Burning Clown Arrested for Baby Trafficking

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Story submitted by Waltan Moonlight.

On October 26th, a District 8 resident reported the presence of a menacing clown in the area to Hathian police. Police arrived on scene and discovered two missing babies in the custody of the clown and a female accomplice. Both suspects were arrested.

According to officer Portella, the suspects didn’t resist arrest and claimed to have been hired as babysitters.

On October 31st the clown was discovered burned to death on the Bourbon St.

On 2020/10/31 This clown have been found burned to death on Bourbon Bridge. Sergeant Zero from the Haithian police confirms that the murdered clown is indeed the same and suspects a link between the stolen babies and this murder. He also inform us than three others babies have been found , but it remain one still lost.

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