Good Head Treatment Available at Zo Mòn Asylum

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Zo Mòn Asylum was previously condemned after receiving significant structural damage by hurricane Katrina. Up until 2005, the now 150 year-old state owned institution was fully operational.

A national grant awarded to the state of Louisiana provided much needed funds to renovate the building. Hathian Mayor Bobby Boxer also extended a small loan to the asylum as part of his Hot in Hathian economic revitalization plan. 

“At long last, again, the safety and wellness of Hathian is secured with the reopening of Zo Mòn Asylum,” said Mayor Boxer during a press briefing. “We’ll sweep those lunatic degenerates off our streets and put them in a place where they belong.”

Construction began last year and now the asylum is ready to take on new patients. The institution offers short as well as long term treatment and care.

Walk-ins and count appointed patients are accepted within the asylum. Those voluntarily seeking psychiatric help may sign in at the front desk. Patients who arrive at risk to themselves and others are swiftly escorted to a room. 

While in Zo Mòn’s care, patients have restricted access to materials and the outside world. Visitors are not welcome, but a few have been known to slip in passed security.

Communal areas are open on the first floor for patients to socialize and gather. The cafeteria is equipped to seat and feed multiple people. Payphones are available on a side wall. Rooms above the first floor contain residency wards and an infirmary. 

Zo Mòn Asylum for the mentally unwell, located on King St. in Devils Pocket, is now accepting patients.

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