Hathian Horoscopes with Shelby: Virgo Edition

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Submitted by Shelby LeBlanc.

Virgo: It’s officially Virgo season! For the next few weeks, don’t focus on getting things perfect – try letting go and just letting things happen naturally. Perfection is overrated, and quite frankly, nobody in Hathian will ever notice anyway. Stop wasting your time on perfection and start spending it on enjoying some you time.

Libra: Pay attention to your surroundings for a while Libras! Chances are good that an exceptionally juicy piece of gossip will be dropped in your lap sometime very, very soon. While some people might consider things like that to be secret and sacred, who are you kidding Libra? You live for that sort of power.

Scorpio: Been having trouble getting exactly what you want for awhile, huh Scorps? For a sign that’s supposed to be known for it’s confidence and sexuality, you sure have been laying low lately. Well, time to stop dicking around and make it happen. You’ve got a whole toolbox full of resources, plus plenty of people who will kidnap somebody for the right price. Stop being a baby and just go for it already.

Sagittarius: Feeling shunned by your friends lately Sags? Maybe there’s a reason for that. It’s time to take a look at yourself and figure out what it is that seems to be driving people away. Maybe it’s your breath, your tendency to be overly critical, or maybe you’re just making really poor choices lately that make people want to steer clear of you. Time to evaluate your choices.

Capricorn: Good news Capricorns – there’s going to be some pretty big doors opening for you in the coming weeks. If you’re not already in the mind set to be open to new opportunities, it’s time to work on that now. If you’re not open to the energy that’s coming your way, it’ll pass right by you. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Aquarius: Your intuition is going to be on high alert in the coming weeks Aquarius. If you’re paying attention, you’ll likely be finding out some pretty deep secrets from the people around you. But remember – not everything you may learn is going to be good. If you’re looking to avoid the kind of drama and turmoil that accompanies these types of things, I’d strongly advise you consider a good Netflix binge at home; the new season of Lucifer is clutch.

Pisces: Ohhh Pisces, you nosy bastards. It’s time to stop getting up in everybody’s business and start minding your own, fishy friends. While you’ve been so busy prying into other peoples lives, your own has been neglected. Refocus your energy on good, not evil, and get your life turned back around.

Aries: Maybe you’ve felt…tight lipped lately Aries? Haven’t felt so social? Well, time to knock that off and get out and back into the world. Whether it be dinner with a friend, strangling the neighbor next door who won’t clean up their laundry off your hedge, or maybe even finally saying yes to that date, I promise that getting out and about will do your soul a world of good. Now take off the pajama pants and rejoin society, you savage.

Taurus: Oh all those warm and fuzzies that you’re feeling lately Taurus? Don’t get used to them. When reality sets in, you’re going to realize that you’re better off alone with your fabulous self than the dead weight heroin addict you picked up at the Chicken Shack the other night. Remember: We come into the world alone, and we also die alone. Get used to it.

Gemini: Money moneeyyyy! Gemini, it’s your lucky day, you likely have a windfall coming your way! Be wary about the strings that may come attached though – nothing in this world is ever really free. Keep your guard up about who you tell…you never know who’s feeling a little stabby these days.

Cancer: Feeling creative lately Cancer? Awesome, keep it up. Your muses are paying close attention and are going to be pushing you into overdrive in the coming weeks, likely leading to increased success with your endeavors. However, be aware of people who are encouraging you for the wrong reasons. Nobody likes a user.

Leo: Confusing stuff lately Leo? You’ve likely been feeling torn in several directions lately, but it’s time to figure out exactly what you need and make the move for it. Put your needs first, and if that means you’ve gotta cut people out, then do it. And if you don’t have the balls to make the move, then quit whining. Nobody else is gonna fix your problems for you, it’s time to take care of it yourself.

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