Slab Butchery Shows off Meaty Bits

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Sophia Ferarri, new owner of The Slab Butchery on Berthier St., held a grand reopening on August 6th. The southern end of the street was closed off for a barbecue block party.

The barbecue had a casual setup for guests. The corner of Berthier and Hathian Hwy had a mobile bar; a bus with an open side counter, stools, and a rack of bottles at the back. A couple of fire pits charred meat: steaks, bratwurst, hamburgers, and hot dogs. Picnic tables lined up with ready to eat food up for grabs. A pool, made from a tarp and boxes of beer, was a popular feature.

One male guest showed his excitement for the pool by completely stripping naked and sliding into the water. Though few enjoyed the jaw dropping, eye popping display of nudity most in attendance encouraged the man to cover up. He conceded and dressed himself without resistance.

From the afternoon to evening no other major disruptions occurred. Guests enjoyed the opportunity of peace to socialize among each other.

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