Getting a Rize Out of a Grand Opening

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Like a phoenix, Rize Productions’s studio has a-RIZE-n. All the talent from this well known production company went out in full force to celebrate the grand opening.

All the talent looked amazing in their semi-formal clothing. The atmosphere inside was calm with quiet, intellectual conversation. Even with good quality alcohol on offer the party seemed to continue on with elegance and style. It became clear that this studio has family values.

Jordan Rizzo and Aiko Volkoff converse with Ryder Koslov-Mllet

Each of Rize’s stars bring something different to the table, but the one thing Rize seems to collect in abundance is beauty. All of Hathian’s most beautiful people were in this small space. Mike Hearse, bassist for After The Fall, wears a dashing red suit. Aiko Monett and her serpentine plus one both appear in pure white. They match her husband, Vicus Volkoff, Rize’s newest director. The Volkoffs prove to Hathian that this is our ultimate power couple.

When asked to comment on his new appointment, Vicus says, “I’m very happy to be signed on with the studio and I’m excited for future projects.”

The most impressive detail where, Rize Talent is concerned, is that their talents are not limited to their performance skills. Each individual brings something extra and incredibly valuable to the company. For example, the stunning Joy Saad, isn’t just a dancer she’s a prolific business owner. The beautiful Tala Colletti is a talented artist and computer whiz.

Lozen Victorio Chihenne, winner of Rize’s special guest Twitter competition, looks stunning and enjoys her time among the stars.

The studio itself is the epitome of decadence and style, from the comfortable and plush seating to the marble floors and the tasteful d├ęcor. The Studio is fully equipped for any musician’s needs, with state of the art equipment. This isn’t surprising as Rize’s owner and founder, Jordan Rizzo, is also the front man for After The Fall. A dance studio has been kitted out in a way only Joy could be happy with.

“Sometimes I stop and look at myself in the mirror and realize just how young I am,” says Rizzo, 23, about his and the studio’s success. “Maybe way too young to be this far in the game. but then I look at all the people around me, all the talent, all the friends, and all the love. I realize that they are the reason I am here. Success has nothing to do with age, or experience. It has to do with having the right foundation and support. That’s what the Rize family is for me. This new studio isn’t a representation of my success, but theirs’s as well. This is for them.”

Rizzo is the glue that makes this family stick together. Their support of him and this production company is obvious when you see them together. Everyone at Rize seems to have an interest in helping Rizzo and Rize succeed. Everyone seems to have an impact beyond their assigned roles. The models do more than stand in front of a camera, the dancers do more than bust a move, and the musicians do more than play with their instruments.

With their new building, and their constant search for new talent to join their ever growing family, bigger and better things will come from them. Watch this space, as their future is bright.

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