Vice City Club Owner Shot During Police Standoff

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A police stand off with suspects lead to a pedestrian caught in the crossfire.

Vice City club owner, Khloe Reignz, was standing on the corner of Hathian Highway and Berthier St. watching Hathian Police arrest suspects across the road. The arrest took a deadly turn and shots were fired. A suspect’s bullet went stray and struck Khloe in the shoulder.

“Get Angel,” Khloe mustered before she fell to the ground in shock.

Concerned witnesses urged to call for an ambulance. Hathian General Hospital was contacted, but could not fulfill the request. A receptionist on the other line recommended calling the Hathian Fire Department.

Secondary contact was placed to Vice City manager, Valmont Marseille, and Khloe’s uncle, Angel Reignz.

Meanwhile, concerned onlookers sprung to Khloe’s aid. Slab Butcher owner, Sophia Ferrarri shared bandages with Morrigan Crenshaw, who applied pressure to the bullet wound. The two encouraged Khloe to hang on in addition to other consoling gestures. The intervention of these two saved Khloe’s life.

“It’s cold, so cold,” were Khloe’s last words before losing consciousness.

Marseille and Angel then arrived on foot. Angel showed no hesitation to pick Khloe from the concrete. He cradled Khloe in his arms and walked three blocks to Hathian General Hospital.

Khloe Reignz is currently in serious condition.

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