Vice City Black and White Party Ends with Bang

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Vice City’s Black and White Ball Night ended with an unexpected bang.

At 2:00 PM, the club opened its doors to guests fitting the costumed theme. Patrons of the Black and White Ball came dressed for the occasion. Rather than ball gowns and tuxedos however, club couture was in high fashion. Black leather coats, open black dresses, flowy white tops with short black shorts, black leather straps and white long coats made up a mix of urban and eclectic styles.

Club owner Khloe Reignz and manager Valmont Marseile greeted guests at the door. DJ Hannya Lee played music fit for events of the evening; truly one of his best performances. Notable guests include Pie Hole and Messina Real Estate owner Sofia Vyper as well as the notorious Angel Reignz and Dro Vega.

Photography provided by Vice City.

At 6:00 PM an altercation broke out on the floor. One patron, feeling slighted by a dancing couple, flings a drink from a passing tray. Another patron joins the fray, wielding a wine bottle. Hits exchange between a growing restless crowd.

Tensions heighten at the announcement of a bomb within the building. Immediately a few guests sought the exit, but a few remained to fight. After relentless encouragement to vacate, they too left willingly.

Despite troubles of the evening, the Hathian Police Department was not called on site. The bomb scare was determined to be a hoax by Vice City staff.

Vice City offers all guests that attended the Black and White Ball Night a free bottle of house champaign and a $100 giftcard to be used for entrance fees, drinks, or club merchandise.

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