Reignz Declares Feud on Zero

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A family feud begins with shots fired at the Clam Convenience store on Berthier Street.

At 7:40 PM Angel Reignz and an accomplice entered the Clam. They fired two shots, hitting a patron and worker both in the legs.

“Zeros gonna pay for Khloe. It’s open season on them and every affiliate,” Reignz announced. “And (anyone) that shops here or any of their businesses better have they eyes peeled for The Set.”

Vice City owner Khloe Reignz was hit by a stray bullet, presumably shot by a Zero family member, during a standoff with police earlier in the day.

In response to a patron’s threats, Reignz replied, “You are just in the (expletive) way. So you get a chance to make good on your threats.”

Reignz further antagonized the Zeros..

“You tell your kidnapping piece of (expletive) bosses I am coming. It’s on sight whenever, where I see them. The next time I slide through, I’m burning this piece of trash to the ground.”

Paramedics and Officer Ren, of the Hathian Police Department, arrived on scene after a 911 call was placed.

Both victims were escorted to Hathian General Hospital with serious injuries.

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