Dear Grace: Corey

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Dear Grace,

I really like uniforms, like a lot, and I originally fell for my boyfriend because he wore one. He is a cop you see, we will call him Sergeant Rave. You girls know what I am talking about, a tall dark and mysterious man in uniform, bringing home cuffs, and is very commanding at times, and I thought I had found the perfect mate in Sergeant Rave.

Lately however, when he is not around, I have found myself wanting, and fantasizing about others, and I have not been able to hold myself back over the past few weeks. I have cheated on Sergeant Rave, more than once, in fact no less than 6 times. I tell him I love him, but I wonder if I even mean it any longer, because I just want any man I meet to ravish me in the alley behind Lou’s (Which did happen).

Am I a slut?



Dear Corey,

I am a bit puzzled by your use of names, but I can work with that.

Now then, you ask if you are a slut. The answer is who cares? Like seriously! You are asking about public perception of your personality and antics. Do you feel like a slut? Do you feel empowered? Do you feel shame? Its all down to how YOU feel.

Did you know sometimes fantasizing can be healthy in a relationship? But do it whilst masturbating, not when you are with him or with someone else. Cheating can only be defined by you and your boyfriend. Different people view cheating in a different way. Some say porn or flirting with others is cheating, and then, others say sleeping with someone else is cheating. Then you have couples allow their partners to sleep with other people as long as they know about it. What you need to do is talk to your boyfriend about it, define some boundaries instead of writing to me. It’s up to you and your officer to decide if it’s cheating.

FYI, the alley behind Lou’s is disgusting, no sane person would have sex there. Then again, it could be worse you could be having sex on the pool table in Lous!

Good luck with your hunky cop,


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