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During Hathian Carnival 2020, the Hathian Observer opens a booth inviting everyone to a three question interview. Seven volunteers submit themselves to questions. These are their answers. Here are their stories.


Geoffrey Welders: Tell us what you do for a living and what do you think of your work? And what’s your thoughts on it?

Stella: I am a barista at Grind. What do I think about serving coffee to all the people here in town? Pretty happy by the way, no complaints. I start the day vibrant. I get tired of serving the same coffee and smelling like coffee when I get home. It’s kind of getting routine. But what to do? It pays.

GW: After you clock out, what is it you do? What does a lady like you do for fun?

S: I would be at my home downtown mostly. I would visit some places like the bar and visit some friends. For fun, I will go partying alone and come back with new friends. That’s some really raw fun, you know? I do have some fun in my room too.

GW: A lady about town you say! You certainly know how to party. Now, out of all the pleasures of our lovely city of Hathian has to offer, what would you say is your favorite vice?

S: My favorite thing about Hathian, right? It’s the people. They are more vibrant with a hell of an attitude and break the law kind of spirit. That gives me energy. Even this carnival is making me love the place more.


GW: What is an inside joke you share among friends?

Destiny: Friends, that’s something different for me. I don’t have insider jokes as I don’t have what the normals consider friends or a bestie or however you want to proclaim that.

GW: What is the most unbelievable experience you ever had? What is something you might tell people, but you can tell they don’t believe you?

D: I could tell you a few things I’ve seen and lived through. It ain’t a secret, I been dead. Long enough to be labeled dead. I sit here though and it ain’t the meds bringing me back that been deciding for me to live on. I been with Papa Legba, he been dragging me back laughing. Ain’t nobody believing that or them telling me I’m crazy. It’s all coming for prizes to pay and I ain’t had a say in it either.”

GW: What are some of your core beliefs relating to how people should conduct themselves?

D: Always be true to yourself and to others. You might not be the most liked, but at least you can look at yourself everyday in the mirror.


GW: Let’s start with a question on everybody’s mind. What’s with the copious amount of pubic hair on display? Is it a trademark? Is it a kink?

Claire: Yeah, I guess it’s a trademark. Some like it, some hate it. Can’t please everybody. Guess it’s my thing, I’m a proud feminist.

GW: It’s a thing of your whole identity. What else would you say identifies you? What else have you got going there?

C: Oh wow, that’s deep! I guess spreading love to anyone in need. I think that’s it.

GW: How do you handle folks that might not take a liking to you? Particularly to the way you represent yourself.

C: For the most part, I try to ignore them or just give them the middle finger.


GW: When folks bring trouble your way, how do you deal with it?

Brandie: It depends on who it comes from and how. I get a lot of grief on Twitter and I have been known to fight back in words, but lately I’ve decide I don’t really care what is said; since it all comes from the same group. We are never going to see eye to eye. In person, I will probably stab them if they get too close.

GW: When push comes to shove, you’re not afraid of striking back. What would you say happens if a friend of your’s was getting ganged on by folks? What would you do?

B: I keep my circle small of purpose. That being said, if it was someone I cared about I would try to put an end to it. If I couldn’t, I would retaliate at a different time with my friend. Most of my friends are strong and capable people that can hold their own. We do have each other’s back. I think that is normal in this town.

GW: If you could send a word of warning to folks that cross you, what would you say?

B: You will know when your number comes up. Watch your back.


GW: You’re an up and coming musician here in Hathian. How about you describe your music for us?

Ash: I can say what I would like to accomplish with my music, but really it’s up to the listeners to decide f or themselves. Generally people know if they have heard something that has struck a chord within that resonates with who they are as a person and their experiences in life. My purpose is to strike those chords, to get the listener to really feel along with me. Sometimes it will be a memory that’s brought to the surface. Other times, just a well of emotion that needs to be explored. My music… is intended to reach people where they are, where they live, the point in their lives they have reached now and perhaps to help them through whatever they might be dealing with at the time… I hope my music will be remembered for what it’s done to help others.

GW: Where do you find your inspiration?

A: I have to say that what I’ve done my entire life is listen to others as they tell their stories and live them. No two stories are ever exactly the same and I’ve met quite a few people. What I’ve heard from others inspires me to be a better person and shows me that each of us, no matter who we are, where we are, what are our positions in life, we have the power to affect others for good or for ill. That choice is there daily for each and every one of us, even moment by moment sometimes. There are times we succeed and we can tell we’ve reached others in a way that has had a meaningful impact on their lives for the better. Then there are our other moments, the ones we all have but are not so very proud of, the ones where we’ve damaged someone. One can’t live life without being inspired by just how many survivors are out there.

GW: Why don’t you tell the folks where you’ll be playing next? Where can they catch you?

A: Next I’ll be performing at the Club Ascension Talent show, which is this coming weekend, on the 29th. The times are still being set as they continue to have people sign up but for me it’s looking like I’ll be there for the evening show, probably somewhere after 4:00 PM.


GW: Tell us your truth. What’s the tea? Where are you at in your life right now?

Joy: You don’t mince words, huh? Well, where I’m at. I just claimed championship of the Dance Battle. Newly single. Still schooling. I guess just working at being a better me.

GW: What do you see is a better version of yourself?

J: Still figuring that out.

GW: You say you’re newly single. How about you give us a dating pitch? Who are you open towards? What is it you’re looking for in a prospective person to date?

J: Patience. I’m very frustrating, so a dude’s got to have the patience of a saint.


GW: Let’s talk about your rodeo business. What don’t you tell us a bit about you do there?

Luke: I guess you could sum it up in I put a rope around the bull and hold on for dear life for 8 seconds, if I’m lucky. There is way more to it than that, but I don’t reckon you are looking for a bull riding education. Mostly, I try to stay on the back of the bull for 8 seconds and when I come off I pray like hell he don’t stomp my guts into the dirt.

GW: What is it that got you into bull riding to begin with? How far back does that go?

L: I think I was hooked about the time I was five or six. Went to my first rodeo and seen the bull riders. I started out doing mutton busting; that’s where you ride sheep, then you graduate up to calves, then horses, and last but not least you get to ride the big boys themselves. It is full of excitement but there is a lot more danger to it than most folks realize. Seen some damn good riders get killed pretty much right before my eyes.

GW: Despite the danger, why is it you keep going with the rodeo? What’s the reward that outweighs the risk?

L: Now that one is a hard one to answer. It ain’t just one thing. I’d be lying if I didn’t mention the money and the fame, but it’s more than that. It gets into your soul. It’s a legacy that’s handed down through time. I reckon you can say its to preserve a time that is slowly slipping away. Cowboys and the way of life we hold dear seems to slip away more and more every passing year. This is our way of holding onto it.

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