Rapidly Spreading Mystery Virus Named, Has Authorities in a Panic

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From the Associated Press.

A rapidly spreading virus in Hathian has a new moniker: Noelovirus. Origin of the virus’s name has a link with a criminal case under Hathian Police Department investigation according to redacted materials.

To date, there are 497 confirmed cases of Noelovirus with 10 fatalities within the greater Hathian metropolitan area. Among the dead is a twenty year-old man, who medical officials believe to be the original carrier.

According to a Hathian General Hospital memo, medical officials may not divulge details of the virus.

“Please do not leak this info,” the memo specifically states.

The leaked memo and other documents from Hathian General Hospital show the virus presents itself with a series of symptoms. It begins with a headache following a fever and chills. It then advances into to a loss of appetite and a serious cough with bloody mucous. If left untreated, symptoms progress to significant weight loss and the possibility of death.

Sources claim the Louisiana state government, in conjunction with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, set up a mandatory quarantine zone at Columtreal University’s gymnasium. Confirmed carriers of the virus, including those not yet symptomatic, will be held in quarantine under Hathian Police Department protection. The infected remain there until recovery. It is unknown what may happen if individuals attempt to leave the facility before infection clears.

Lieutenant Craig Hamilton of the Hathian Police Department comments, “This virus has proven to be a rapidly-progressing, highly contagious pathogen and we are working together with our partners at Hathian General Hospital and the Fire Department of Hathian to ensure that the city is prepared to respond to this challenge and prevent it from worsening. The health of Hathian is our top priority, and in this instance that means keeping people in quarantine safe and segregated. We will continue to use the full extent of the law to ensure the safety of this city.”

Hathian General Hospital suggests people wash their hands frequently, for at least 20 seconds, and get a flu shot.




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