Love Pistol Injury Leaves Man Flaccid

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Ben Sterling recovers after an attempt on his life.

On the evening of January 27th, Sterling walks home after working at the Pink Farm. He receives a text from Dove Ravenheart inviting him to meet in a remote location of Hathian for sex.

Sterling claims to have an ongoing affair of casual sex with Ravenheart. Invitations to meet up are not unusual and lately come with increasing frequency. 

After several hours of a sexual session, Ravenheart pulls out a gun. Sterling claims she incoherently rambles with threats to murder him. 

“She was repeating over and over if it was ‘okay to kill me’ that she ‘had to kill me,’” Sterling recounts from her threats.

Eventually Ravenheart shoots Sterling, injuring him in the abdomen. 

Sterling then spends three days at Hathian General Hospital in recovery. While healing, he hands over his Twitter account to Nurse Bertha.

Over the course of several days Nurse Bertha continually updates Sterling’s followers on his well being and her infatuation with him.

“I have to say,” Bertha Tweets, “When he was unconscious he was very attractive. Now that he’s awake, those cold blue eyes are staring into my soul. Does he do that with everyone else?”

Overall, Sterling approves of Nurse Bertha’s handling of his account.

I had no idea she would find such enjoyment from my twitter account. I normally do not have as much interaction on it as she did. Other than using up all my available data for the month, I suppose there was no harm in it, other than the thick glaze of what I presume to be sugar, caked on the surface of my phone.

He however has some opinions regarding Hathian General Hospital. He finds the staff cordial, but not over friendly. The food is adequate, if lacking in protein. He compliments the hospital’s water, stating it was at least clean. Beds however literally fall short; they do not comfortably fit a person of his tall stature.

Upon Sterling’s discharge he receives a bill that includes $20,321 for equipment damages. Sterling, questioning the reason for such a charge makes several inquiring phone calls. 

He learns a blond in a hazmat suit is responsible for the damages.

“She was running around,” claims Sterling, “insisting that all buttons must be pressed; which caused the malfunction of several ventilators, heart rate monitors and television remote controls.”

No further information regarding that event is available at this time.

Sterling is now out of Hathian General Hospital and recovering in his home.

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