Do Blond Lives Matter?

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When Ems,  Hathain Observer reporter, did her usual evening walk she witnessed a nightmare.

First of all, it’s not so easy to be blond, as many people may think.  And who could know better than Ems that blonds are very smart. Just in a different way.

Yes, you can tell her, that Hathians use a special shampoo, with a secret ingredient, a special pepper, only grown midnight when the moon is full, and get me to look around the chapel, for exactly that.  But she  always made the best of it.

Ems has been in Hathian long enough to observe them, and have her own opinion about the lot.

There is no doubt about it, the relationship between Hathian’s police department and its denizens always had its hick ups

But stealing their organs? A survey of ill bred hardened Hathians, submitted by Ems, suggested that’s not polite and not the proper way to go about things. It doesn’t help to mend the already fragile relationship the police force have with its inhabitants.

On the night of the 30th of Jan, Ems  happened to be around the Vudu Spice Shop, looking for pepper.  All of the sudden she recalled hearing a grunting noise behind those corrugated metal sheets. It was odd sound, weird, a sound of a kind which seemed not human. She explained that the moon  was shining, thus it could have been  a raccoon, a cat, a cougar? In Hathian you never know.

It took all her courage and then she peeked around the corner. She saw to her horror and dismay a body of a woman lying there. The victim’s torn clothes resembled a police uniform. Her wrists were cuffed, possibly in her own handcuffs. The victim’s abdomen was open, just like somebody had taken out her organs. Blood was everywhere.

Fully aware of the situation, Ems called for help.  Medics were swift and transported the victim to Hathian General Hospital.  There is no update on her well being. The Observer hopes she is well, and will make a fast recovery.

“There has not been a lot of information released yet, as about the identity. She was blond which, understandably shook me a lot ” Ems explained.

There is not enough evidence to support the idea that this attack may be a hate crime against blonds. However, in light with the latest comments and the increasing hostility towards blonds, this may be a fair question.

Police refused an interview about this matter as investigations are still ongoing. They also refused to answer if this is a hate crime towards blonds.

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