Dance Battle Royale – S1E2

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Dance Battle Royale, episode two, promised a match up of biblical proportions, and it did not fail to deliver. As announced, the young Joy Saad went head to head with the more experienced Vicus Volkoff in a David versus Goliath style competition. Saad gave a performance full of hip, twerking and attitude while Volkoff countered with fancy footwork, broad gestures and flair! The tall and slim Vicus played to his strengths, using those long limbs to accentuate his movements and gestures, while Joy’s stature and curves were highlighted by her use of hips, legs and backside.

Undeniably, the audience was torn by this pairing as the polls teetered back and forth between the two consistently throughout the voting process. Certainly, both contestants put forward an amazing showing for the viewers and the results were so very close that a handful of votes could have tipped the scales either way.

For those that did not catch the live airing of episode 2, NBCD offers on demand streaming [here.] Please watch it before continuing to read this article as spoilers are listed below!

I had the chance to sit down with each of the dancers after the show and here’s what I learned:

Vicus Volkoff is a 46 year old medical Chief of Staff with his own production company, Volkoff Productions. He’s married to his husband Christian, but fancies both men and women alike! In altruistic fashion, he believes Joy deserves the win for her talent and skill as he was still recovering from an injury at the time of the competition. He offers the advice to others to take risks, nothing worth having comes without some sacrifice.


Joy Saad is an 18 year old student from Egypt who’s had a rough go of it in the world. She’s an orphan who never really had stability, other than the consistency of her love for dance. That is, until she met her best friend, who’s been an anchor in a sea of chaos. She’s currently single and prefers men, though she says she’s not really looking for a relationship. Knowing that Vicus was injured, Joy suggested that Vicus should win the competition for his dedication and willpower. The advice she offers to others is to judge people for who they are, not what they are.

The winner of the second episode was, just barely, the young Joy Saad, eliminating Vicus Volkoff from progressing through. Remember, show times are Monday nights at 5pm (SLT) on NBCD. This episode will feature Lilian Brinner against Clara van Louten.

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Article By:  Melody Reynolds

Rize Productions

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