Whispers from the streets of Hathian – Introduction

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This column intends to gather the whispers that I, Alexander Magnusson, new reporter from the Observer, manages to collect roaming around the streets of Hathian, mixed with observations and hypothesis that I was able to make up.

I hope this helps new citizens to be able to understand better the city they live in, and the foreigners to have an eye on what’s going on.

When I arrived in this town, the old town was the first place I wanted to get into knowing. I was struck by its dreary look, its dirty streets and its wrecked buildings.. It was such a gloomy place that it stimulated my curiosity, and given that I was in search of job, why not turn curiosity into profession? And this is how I became a reporter, and with that covered I started going around asking people about the town: there’s no better way to understand a city than asking its citizens.. and so far, I am still wondering whether it’s the town that shapes its citizens, or the other way round.. In any case, they really look like the town itself: dreary faces, worn out clothes.. some people even go around armed, with army knives or small guns in their boots. On the very first day of my coming to Hathian, I approached a girl, who was walking with the aid of crouches, and after some time she told me that it would have been better if I learnt how to defend myself. Her words still float in my mind.. How is it possible that private justice is more common than the positive law? But I see policemen, and detectives, patrolling the streets clad in their uniforms and holding their own guns.. I have to see clearer in this matter..




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