Mutilated body found outside the offices of the Hathian Observer

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It was like the scene from a gory horror film at the Hathian Observer on Tuesday night when the lifeless naked body of a young woman was discovered outside our offices on Bourbon Street by a member of the public a short time before a member of staff returned to the office to discover the scene.

The woman who has yet to be identified appeared at first look to have been suffered heavily mutilation.  There were large holes in the woman’s eye sockets where the eyes had been removed and the entirety of the sockets cleaned out leaving dark soulless space where life had once been and as you drew nearer there was visible bruising to the woman’s face.

Body of a young woman found outside the Hathian Observer

In addition to her facial injuries, the woman had been cut open from above her vagina all the way through to below her breasts with all of her vital organs having being removed and the rest of her internal organs had seemingly been removed too leaving an empty cavity in the majority of her body.  There did not appear to be any blood at the scene with even the folded open flesh having been cleaned making it likely the victim had been killed elsewhere and moved to outside the Observer.  A note pad and pen was found in the woman’s hand although it is believed she is not a member of our staff.  A name had been written in the victims blood on the notepad but gives no clues as to the victims identification or motivation for her murder.

There was a eye-witness that found the body but was naturally upset at finding the young woman and visibly traumatized left the scene before officers from Hathian Police Department arrived.  A photo of the woman (below) was taken and we appeal for her to come forward please to assist the HPD with their investigation or you can contact the Hathian Observer.  It is vitally important that this crime is investigated so if you know who this woman is or if you are this woman then please contact HPD.

The eye witness who fled the scene
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