CU 5:00 AM Cheerleader Auditions!

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You know, it’s strange moving to a new town. You show up, you don’t know anyone, and you wonder if you made the right decision.

My name is Salem Yaosga, just moved to town, just got a job at the Observer. Good newspaper, haven’t met my coworkers yet, but I’m always curious. Late last night, I took a skateboard ride around town, and eventually I ended up at none other than Columtreal University. There I found two new friends, a gruff guy named Damean, and a perky blonde girl named Buffy. They invited me to report on the 5:00 AM cheerleading tryouts, and I was more than happy to write my first article on…well, just about anything!

I didn’t expect to be so compelled by the performance given by Ms. Manon Goldigger, but the energy that she put into her routine, the attitude, the fun. It was all so pungent that I couldn’t help to yell out two simple words.


I have to admit, that even as reporter I was hoping to myself that this girl would make it. A backflip onto the bleachers right in front of you is no small feat, and yet she pulled it off seamlessly! There was no way that she couldn’t make it, and I waited of bated breath to hear the results. Buffy had turned to her, and in that moment, everything turned out right. Manon had been accepted as the newest member of the CU Cheerleading squad.

The pool party afterwards was fun, save for the loner speedo I had to wear, and we all celebrated the introduction of a new girl to cheer on the football team I didn’t even know I was interested in.

And I celebrated making a new group of friends.

To Manon Goldigger, congratulations on your entrance into the Columtreal University Cheerleaders!

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