Car Catches Fire Outside Pawn Shop

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Pawn Brokers and the manager Shaun.

Our reporter recently learned that a car parked just outside the Pawn Brokers on the Hathian Highway caught fire. The cause of the fire is still unknown, but the Hathain Fire Department was very efficient in putting out the fire, because of which the Pawn Shop was able to open for business soon after the incident. The manager of the shop, Mr. Shawn Weaver, in a private interview with our reporter showed keenness to learn anything more about the fire just outside his shop.

The remains of the car still lie outside the shop waiting for action from the relevant municipality departments.

If you, the residents have any information please contact our reporter Abu Muhammad so that our understanding of the happenings around town improve. Mr. Weaver has also taken an intelligent step that will go a long way in safe-gurading the interests of his shop and that of the citizens at large – he now has CCTV surveillance of the area around the building, and he is sure to catch any mischief that comes that way now.

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