Letter to the Editor: Please just love me? I’m not psycho!

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To Whom it may concern;

Which is really only one person who knows what happened ten years ago. I am desperately in love with a man I met over a weekend biker rally when I was younger. I lied to him and said I was older than I was, but it didn’t make the weekend any less fun. He showed me what love was and I spent every moment of the time he departed, trying to find him again. Years and years went by, It was by fate that I ended up here in Hathian and I ran into him again.. not once.. but twice.

This has to be fate, right? This has to be a sign! Him and I are meant to be together. I just know it. I am not a stalker. He told me he loved me. I believed him.

BABY, I believe you really, really do.

I need you HUNTER. I won’t stop until you are MINE. Even if I have to tell the whole world like this..

P.S- I’m not psycho. You are just being silly. I love you.


((*Permission granted by “Peyton” (inyeese capelo) and “Hunter” (nemli resident) to post this in Hathian Observer*))

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