HPD Versus Councilman? Struggle for Power?

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At 4:05 pm Friday, Councilwoman Charis Lemoine was spotted outside the Hathian 24 Hour Pawn Shop locked in a stand off with the Hathian Police Department (HPD) while trying to protect the rights of a unknown civilian woman whom was being arrested for tripping and falling into a officer.

Councilwoman Charis Lemoine was heard telling the HPD that they had no right to arrest the woman due to no law being broken. However, an unknown officer dress in street clothing and a cast upon his leg responded to her doing by firing off his gun in anger. Another officer, later identified as Corporal Barley Alsop, could be heard calling Lemoine a terrorist.

However, the final action by the HPD against Charis Lemoine came when unexpectedly a unknown officer fired off her taser at Lemoine sending her to the ground in agony and pain. This officer then placed both the councilwoman and the civilian woman under arrest and took them to the HPD station.

Later this reporter reach out to Corporal Barley Alsop seeking a statement concerning the events that took place at the pawn shop. Whom seem to be quite upset at the time. Here was her words….

Michael Gant (Reporter): “Hello Corporal Alsop, I came to get a statement concerning the events at the pawn shop where councilwoman Lemoine was arrested.”

Corporal Barley Alsop (HPD Officer): “Listen here fuckface, ah was at home baking fucking cookies fer mah fucking girlfriend but instead ah’m fucking here sah ye can take yer fucking report an’ shove it up yer arse! yer bloody council woman has ties tah ah known terrorist organization called th’ pack. At is yer story. Now if you’ll excuse meh ah have tah help th’ less fortunate, or are ye gonna prevent meh from doing mah civil duty.”

After obtaining the HPD stance on the situation this reporter reach out to Councilwoman Charis Lemoine whom was more than happy to give a statement concerning the issues that happen. Here was her words…

Michael Gant (Reporter): “I hate to take you back to the day at the pawnshop which you was seen trying to uphold the rights of the citizens. It seem the Hathian Police decided to not respect that position and place you under arrest. My first question is directed to the council what is the council position on such times when the Hathian Police fails to follow the laws they swear to protect ? “

Charis Lemoine (Councilwoman): “Here’s the sticky situation we have with the HPD… A few years back the former mayor, I don’t recall if it was Mayfield or someone else, but they had gone to the state for resources and backing. The city was not able to afford most of the budget they wanted, it soon became out of our hands. And I can only do so much in regards to that department. In a nutshell, we don’t fund the local law enforcement. Personally, I don’t feel it’s fair to our citizens, that the Police Department do what they please when they please, all we do is legalize thing that will hurt them in their pocket.”

Michael Gant (Reporter): “I receive a statement from Corporal Barley Alsop stating that you had ties with a terrorist organization known as The Pack. You care to make a statement about this allegations against you?”

Charis Lemoine (Councilwoman): “Were you present when Officer Barley called me a terrorist? This was based on my renting a building for campaign reasons, somewhere to house my own headquarters to work out of. Well, the owner of this property was a known enemy of the HPD. Personally I have a long history with wrong doings directed towards me from that department, and I will not go down without a fight.”

Charis Lemoine (Councilwoman): ” I was voted in by the people in this city to make changes, and that is what I am going to do. Like I said I have penned two bills that will stop the HPD from collecting monies from those who cannot afford it, you know, its those people who fall in the lower income brackets that pay the most. Say for instance, someone gets a ticket… they cannot afford that ticket but there is no options to make payments, so they eventually go to warrant, and then you have another innocent person in jail for unnecessary reasons”

Charis Lemoine (Councilwoman): “As I stated, I ran on the promise that I would work diligently in getting a bill passed that would allow the sale and possession of recreational marijuana. Many of the arrests and charges stemming from police officers is possession of an illegal substance, pot… which I feel should not garner jail time. Michael… I care about the people of this town… I care what happens to them. When they hurt, I feel hurt.”

Michael Gant (Reporter): “My last question at this time as I know you have lots of work to do is.  Seeing that the HPD is not funded by the council, could the HPD be sued by civilians whom feel there rights have been violated? Would the council and civil services department be open to aid those who seek lawyers and compensation for the HPD doings? Also was there any other statement you might want to be known to either the people? or the HPD ?”

Charis Lemoine (Councilwoman): “HPD is state funded, and we are checking into the actions of suing them. If we are ok’d to do so, we will have our public defenders available to anyone who might need one. But yes, I want them to know… they voted for me, and while I can’t speak on behalf of all the council members, I am willing to go to bat for them. And… this is the important part… they are free to contact me if they want to tell me their stories, you know, of how they were wronged by HPD…

Michael Gant (Reporter): “Thank you for your time and statement councilwoman Lemoine.”

Charis Lemoine (Councilwoman): “It was a pleasure Michael… I look forward to reading about this… and to talking to you once more.” 

Its clear that a battle for power of the city is brewing up between these two power houses. Whom will give up the fight first remain to be seen. But what is clear is that Hathian Councilwoman Charis Lemoine will do what it takes to keep the promises she made during her campaign and fight for the rights of the people of Hathian. However at what costs remains to be seen…. We will keep you updated on any developments in regards to this story.

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