Local Businesses Host Party, Promises ‘Sensory Overload’

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Jack Pink, Rub ‘n’ Tug owner, along with other prominent local business owners have tossed together an event for the ages, distinctly picking a few noteworthy ways to engage the senses of the local populous. Taking effort to pick a large venue to give way for each sense to be explored one at time, the event has been aptly named ‘5 Senses’. Each section taking place to give you an unmistakable glimpse and personal experience into your own self-being. Hosted down at Power Plant, it’s promised to be one electric night, ultimately culminating in an explosion of the senses.

The obvious first sense tackled will be ‘hearing’, provided by Perina N. McGinnis, owner of Rader Records. As you make your way up to the event, with each step you’ll start to discern the sounds of music driving its way out of the speakers and into your ears. The deep beats will captivate and draw you closer into the event. When reached for comment, Ms. McGinnis stated, “All I can tell you is that we’re devising a setlist intending to help you feel the music in your bones and allow you to just get lost in what you’re hearing.”

The second sense will be tested once you near the outer edge of the building; and that will be your sense of ‘smell’.  The Rub ‘n’ Tug will be providing some of their famous scented oils to assist in sharpening your nostrils, bridging the connection between your shift from the outside world into a world of pure sensory perception. One Rub ‘n’ Tug customer described the oils as “Pure euphoria in an scented form.”

‘Sight’ will be the next sense in your adventure as you step through the door. You will first greeted by other party-goers, until you gander at the unmistakable dancers from the Titty Twister, an attraction sure to gather many towards the stage and you switch from dancer to dancer, taking each one in individually and as a discrete piece unto themselves. As an added bonus for those looking to explore more than just sight at this showcase the dancers will be offering lapdances for those who need a more closer look, touch and feel.

Our fourth sense to be hit along the way for those with a righteous hunger will be ‘taste’. Berthier Street Bakery is not one to be counted out. Their aspiration is to deliver the most ‘finger-lickin’, delectable pastries which will be scattered throughout the event. When asked about the event, Berthier Street Bakery owner, Glenn Rose MacMoragh, was quoted as saying “The 5 Senses event will be great, for one can come take in the sights, taste the food and overall have a great time dancing or whatever would strike ones fancy. I encourage everyone to come on down to the 5 Senses event this Thursday, it’s gonna be lit!”

The fifth and final sense, ‘touch’, is to be demonstrated for those willing to brave a more permanent reminder of the night’s events. Of course, that will provided by none other than Poison Apple Tattoo & Piercing owner Vashti Amor. Standing by for any willing soul will be a small army of inkers and piercers prepared to leave you with a lasting mark of the night’s events. When reached out for a statement, Ms. Amor remarked “We’re really excited to be representing the ‘touch’ aspect of this 5 Senses event! We plan on providing some of the best tattoo and piercing artists to make everyone’s tactile experience unforgettable.”

Captivating all these senses and more than a few experiences throughout the night will be a challenge for many, but the event is counted to be an awe-inspiring escapade for all. Good luck, and hope to ‘sight’ you down at ‘5 Senses’ Thursday night at ((230PM SLT)).

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