Purge Hoax Sends HPD in Pursuit of Suspects

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Hathianites were caught unaware on Saturday night, as word of a lawless “purge” type of evening was promised by Mayor Nick Matfield. This promise, filmed and published via youtube, twitter, and various other social media, featured a physically beaten mayor flanked by masked assailants telling citizens they had one night free of arrest and law from the Hathian Police Department. The masked figures, whom through posts to personal Twitter accounts and naming by Matfield, are believed to be connected to Hathian Motors, Tori Yamato, Chasity Adachi, & Takeshi.

According to HPD spokesman, no such lawlessness was approved, and thus, officers began flooding the streets well into the night to arrest those vandalizing, looting, and beating on fellow citizens. HPD responded to one request for help, which unfortunately led them into an ambush. Two officers were assaulted, along with one FDH member, by known suspects. Neither the officers nor the FDH member were seriously injured, although one did receive medical attention. They have also named Hitori Yamato, Chasity Adachi and another as persons of interest in relation to the incident. Civilian injuries et al are not known at this time.

((Correction: Brandie Kelly is not known at this time.))

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