Pawn Shop Under New Management

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While the city may often be ripe with bad news, there is one thing that has always been guaranteed to the citizens to the citizens of Hathian; a flourishing job market. Everywhere you go there are businesses welcoming new employees with open arms. A world of opportunities.

In that world however, there has always been a couple businesses that were lacking in what others had. Not necessarily because of what it sold, but because of what it valued.

Of course the business I speak of, is the Pawn Shop. Nestled between Lou’s bar and the Butcher shop lays a small business that many seem to overlook, despite the countless goodies many will find just beyond that creaky old door.

I can honestly say that the business has really stepped up its game lately to compete with the troubling economy. I personally stepped into the business the other day to browse their wares and saw something I’d seldom seem in the past..four customers, all having some business to do with the establishment, with more still piling in. Upon further investigation of what may be the root to the sudden inflow of traffic, I came to find out that the Pawn Shop has recently undergone some changes – including new management. The shop is now ran by the owner Clio Urqhart and Manager Shaun Weaver.

But lets move on from all those gritty details that no one really cares about! Onto the more attractive offers. Lately, the business has done a lot to reach out further into the community by integrating some common methods. Firstly, there is the ten-percent discount that I hear is being offered to all first time customers; although I can’t help but wonder how they keep track of that! Could I just go in with a mustache and get another discount because they didn’t recognize me? Then second, they seem to be offering cash loans with “flexible payment arrangements” to anyone that may need them, no background or credit check required. Quite an attractive offer, if I may say so myself. Of course they still offer all of their former deals from before, and appear to have plenty of firearms and second-hand goods for those who fancy such items.

The Pawn Shop operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Remember to stop by anytime and as their tagline seems to be, “When you buy used, you buy a story!” and follow them on Twitter at @CD_PawnShop for regular updates about what else they might come up with in the future.

(( Ideas for any storylines/plots you wanna run with the Pawn Shop? IM Clio Urqhart (Clio Clary) or Shaun Weaver (Kuruptd Resident) ))

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