Criminal Lawyer Gets Criminal Charges

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Orlando  Woodbury, lawyer of Woodbury and Walker law firm on King’s Street, has been arrested on charges for assaulting the Clam Convenience store owner, Alexia Rousseau. It was also reported by the Fire Department of Hathian Captain Dimitri Rousseau that he personally believes the lawyer was attempting to murder his wife as he had his boot on her neck and was choking the air from her after assaulting her.

The Captain also said that an eyewitness had called 911, but the lawyer left before police could arrive.  He was later arrested by a Hathian Police Department Sergeant after the victim had reached out and reported the crime.

The Revenants, a criminal gang operating in the city, had two of it’s members Astrid ‘Agony’ Ayria and Kiryu Hideyoshi bailed out personally by Orlando Woodbury after an attack on the Clam owner a few weeks ago.  The following tweet exchange below was leaked to the paper, tweets between Hideyoshi and  an unidentified party.



 The fire referred to in the tweet exchange occurred during the 9th of January after 3PM that day. The FDH Captain and his wife were at the HPD station talking to Corporal Barley Alsop and another officer when the fire started. The fire itself started on King’s Street in the lawyers firm, opposite to Rader Records.

The FDH Captain arrived at the scene when a dispatch call was made with firetruck and EMS crew. He managed to carry out the unconscious figure of the lawyer who had prior to injury run into the burning building as witnessed by a crowd of onlookers  in efforts to save a coworker who had been trapped in the toilet when the fire started. Captain Rousseau did also find the coworker and there were no fatalities.

The Captain of the FDH then requested his Lieutenant Emily Cooper to carry out an official fire investigation which she is qualified to do so as Fire Marshal. The report turned up arson as the most likely cause.

The attack by the lawyer was also followed on the same day by an attack on the self same Clam store owner, Alexia Rousseau— this time by Kiryu Hideyoshi who entered the store with an axe. Surveillance footage shows the Revenants gang member assaulting Mrs Rousseau only to be disturbed by several people, two females and Captain Rousseau at a later point who got the Revenant gang member to flee the store after he sustained injuries.  One of the female witnesses had called the police but none arrived in time. The assault was reported and is an on going case with Kiryu Hideyoshi currently not apprehended.

In another twist, Buffy Ella Millet who was arrested with vandalizing the FDH with a message that echoed The Revenants own message to the Captain and his wife, denied knowing the gang and having anything to do with them and was released last week. The former teen starlet was reported as reaching out Astrid ‘Agony’ Ayria via social media not long after Kiryu Hideyoshi sustained injuries for assaulting the convenience store owner.

This public tweet as captured by a social media user reveals that there may be more to the relationship between Buffy Ella Millet and The Revenants than she publicly claims.

The escalating tensions between the FDH and The Revenant seem to be tied to the drug rehabilitation program that is running on Mondays at 2pm in Hathian General Hospital basement. The Revenants have been reported as being angry that the scheme is seeking to destroy their opportunities to push drugs and want to see an end to it.

With the Clam shut after an explosion was set off by Kiryu Hideyoshi who owned responsibility for the bombing in this very paper and a suspicious fire at law firm Walker and Woodbury, assaults and threats, things have been strained for the FDH, the Clam Convenience store and for those who have been affected by the Revenants actions.

Police and FDH are said to be concerned about the gang’s presence in the city and their connections and we are sure to see more occurring in the near future with all involved.




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