‘Crooked’ Lieutenant Releases Reject

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An official source for the Hathain Police Department has revealed that a high ranking lieutenant has released Fenna DeCuir despite the Reject being wanted for abduction of a child and several other charges, among them assaulting another police member.

Lieutenant Kyna MacManus, claims the official source for the HPD who allowed the Observer to identify her as Corporal Circe Dionysus, states that:
“Ms Fenna DeCuir is wanted for many crimes, among them murder of Hathian citizen Ms Amissa Uba for which she never was imprisoned or punished for due to the disappearance of the Rejects gang members and DeCuir herself for a period of months.

She was recently arrested on assault charges, but let go by our very own Lieutenant Kyna MacManus who, I am no longer going to hide, has ties and connections with criminals, DeCuir being one such connection. Ms DeCuir is wanted for assaulting myself and an innocent citizen as well as kidnapping of a child from a victim of the Rejects.”

The Corporal went on to disclose details of the murder report, which ties in with the abduction of a child. “Incident #24315 May, 29th 2016 I, Corporal Circe Dionysus and Detective Marco Delaney found the dead body of one Amissa Uba, murdered in her twenties, she was pregnant at the time.
She was brutally murdered, with her decapitated head laying several feet away from her own body. Her womb had been cut with the words ‘Help Me Daddy’. Burns and other torture was apparent on the body.

I was the sole reason behind Amissa Uba’s death who was targeted by the Rejects after I was revealed to be staying at her address, since she was a personal friend of mine and was keeping me safe from the gang that I was informing on at the time, working undercover.

Reject Fenna DeCuir has been accused of abduction of Ms Amissa Uba’s baby Ben Uba. She has been charged and an APB has been put out on her—-but my Lieutenant let the woman walk out. I need to speak out or things will carry on as business as usual at the HPD, with murderers and rapists walking free, unpunished.”

The Corporal went on to say that the precinct has been a hot bed of rumors and suspicion, mostly involving higher ups involvement with criminal figures. “Lieutenant Kyna MacManus has been under suspicion for awhile now and I can no longer stay silent when a Reject walks free. This has to stop.”

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