The State Finally Steps In

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It’s been a full month since St. Bernard’s water supply was contaminated with legionella bacteria, and the citizens of Hathian are suffering. With the tap water unsafe for all use, people have been forced to hunt down water in stores across the Parish and beyond. It didn’t take long for water to sell out, leaving many folks without clean drinking and bathing water. Many turned to other forms of hydration like sodas and alcohol. A few tried to solve the problem themselves by using filters and chemicals, but still found themselves falling ill.

After weeks without sustenance and no promise of a rescue, many citizens of Hathian gathered in protest against Mayor Matfield and the council’s lack of action. The protest was meant to remain peaceful, but ended in bloodshed when an unknown gunman shot and injured two attendees at the gathering. Both victims are recovering, and the identity of the gunman remains a mystery.

But finally good news has arrived! The St. Bernard Water and Sewer Division along with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will be collaborating within the next couple of weeks to purify the St. Bernard’s water system, and to form ways to avoid this disaster again. For now, please continue to refrain from using the water, as it remains unsafe!* Spokespersons from both agencies promise to have this situation resolved within the next two weeks, just in time for Christmas.


*Previously reported methods on social media such as filtering your own water are not advised at this time, as this process will be undone by the unclean water that will quickly replace what has been cleansed. If you must use this method, please be aware  you will need to filter it out for every single use until the area water supply is clear.

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