HGH Releases New Info on Bitings; it’s no Rougarou

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If you’re one of many Hathianites concerned over the erratic behaviors of your fellow citizens lately (or yourselves), fear no longer, as it seems science, instead of urban legend, seems to have found the answer. Speaking on behalf of Hathian General Hospital, Senior Physician Rachell Vond-Phoenix released the following statement:

“It’s been a confusing couple of weeks in Hathian. Thankfully, we at HGH have been working tirelessly in the lab to determine what exactly has been going around the city. You may have noticed people behaving aggressively, or in an overtly sexual way. Or you may have experienced these symptoms yourself. The good news is, this is no virus, it is no infection.

The drug found in cross-tests has been identified to contain scopolamine, vitamin E, and other aphrodisiacs. This is comparable to, but not as potent as Devil’s Breath. Devil’s Breath has an effect to ‘zombify’ it’s victims. This concoction has the added benefit of an increase to the patient’s heart rate, feeling more open to suggestion, erratic behavior, and impulsiveness. There have been a large number of human bites throughout the city, but it could have been transferred by something as simple as a kiss, or a simple touch in some cases. The good news is, we’ve also pinpointed a cure.

If you are suffering from symptoms, drink lots of water. Shower more regularly. This has been found to reduce the symptoms or in some cases eradicate them completely. If you experience any sort of complications, please come to HGH as soon as possible for further analysis and treatment.”

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