Stronger Together: FDH and HPD Reach Agreement

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The Hathian Observer recently reported that the Hathian Fire Department had suspended Emergency Medical Services to all police officers. This alarming development left many citizens wondering what it would take to resolve the bitter conflict between the two departments.

Apparently, it didn’t take much. One meeting and one handshake later, it appears this highly publicized feud is now over.

During a recent meeting, the Hathian fire and police departments struck a deal that ensured the safety of EMTs and restored EMS services to HPD officers. For now, it’s back to business as usual as far as these two municipal services are concerned.

Captain Dimitri Rousseau of the FDH issued this statement:

“We are pleased ta announce that we are no longer in conflict with the PD an’ that we expec’ things to remain civil between the two departmen’s an’ to return full EMT service to the HPD— as long as our terms remain in place.

“The PD have shown us that they are serious about workin’ with us here at the FDH to make sure we have good relations.”

The HPD also issued the following statement:

“There were some misunderstandings on both sides that have been cleared. Both departments have agreed that the city benefits from us working together, and we expect no problems in the future. The FDH and HPD are moving forward with a handshake and the promise to work side by side from now own. Both myself and Captain Rousseau are happy to bury any hatchets, and FDH has already shown that they can, and will, be a vital teammate in the fight against Hathian crime from here on out.”

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