Record Shop Bides time with Haunted House Opening

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In the wake of the massive fire that hit Rader Records just two weeks ago, owner Perina McGinnis has found a solution to keeping business alive while repairs are made. By putting up walls to cover construction areas, the record shop has transformed into a haunted house. “I was in shock after I found out how much of the store needed to be repaired, and wasn’t sure what to do. My friend Nicky DiPietro, though, came up with a wonderful idea to turn it into a haunted house for the rest of the month, and it’s been really great,” she says. Thanks to the generosity of Hathianites like Cat Mason of the Pie Hole, Alyona Dubrovsky of Hathian XXX, & Bruce McNamara of Brun Drug Studios, tickets are free (though donations are accepted.)

To go through the maze of horrors, visit Rader Records on King Street, and see if you can make it through to the other side. Open daily until November 1st from 2pm-4am ((IC, OOC open anytime)).

((Take your time moving through, as prompts will pop up to guide your journey. NPCs, if no player present, may jump out at you. For optimal experience, change your windlight to Blizzard, Orac – Fog, Places Babbage, or Nacon’s Fog! And turn on the music for the sim for some atmospheric sounds! You can also reduce lag by lowering particles from the Graphics Menu.

Questions, issues, ideas? IM Perina McGinnis, and enjoy!))

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