HPD Detective Under Investigation

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By: Michiaki Yamaguchi, Youth Reporter Photo
Hathian Squad car police chase in the city.

Sources at the Hathian Police Department have leaked that one of their own colleagues has been temporarily suspended and is being investigated for his alleged criminal activity and behavior.

Higher ups at the HPD have discovered—from none other than a homeless child—that the law enforcement agent known as Bane Keahi, who some may remember was also outed as the murderer of FDH crew member Harrison Sett Rascon, has been put under investigation for coercing a child into criminal activity by use of force.

The child—whose name we cannot mention for security purposes—spoke about how the Detective claimed to her that he was “better than any gang” to work for because he was a cop, in charge of a task force that focuses on eliminating gangs. He, according to this homeless child, told her that he was “clearing out the competition” and threatened to throw her in foster care if she did not comply with him.

A little research and digging into Detective Keahi’s past shows that he is the son of Reject gang members. This notorious gang is well known in the city for dealing drugs, most particularly cocaine or crack.

The Rejects have lately maintained an uncharacteristically low profile, but the flow of drugs in the streets has remained steady and it seems not just the usual product but heroin is also hitting the streets. Rumors point to Detective Keahi as the supplier behind this fresh flow and product.

The HPD were asked for their comment but we were told that none would be given.

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