Alarm For Enough Rubbish Tolerance?

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On June 18th, there was a report about rubbish burning on the bridge that caused bad smell around the town for hours. According to our protected source, the Fire Department of Hathian was called in but cops were too late to arrive. Involved personal and reason remain largely unknown but it is clear to say we can’t expect much from non-paid workers. The elected mayor and his  colleagues haven’t paid enough attention on the hygiene of the town.

Hathian is never a normal place, citizens seems not  willing to solve the matter in a peaceful way by holding cleaning  campaigns. Maybe it is time for the government to react before citizens  give them a more aggressive reply. It is also a huge disappointment for the promise made by the HPD on this matter. Now, one of their high  official was arrested in Detroit. Will the new appointee fulfilling the  vow for the sake of citizen’s health? Will the public willing to wait for their slow and late reaction? We will see.

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