Shut Your Pie Hole! Literally Shuts Down, Arson to Blame

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Craving that warm slice of Friday night pizza, dripping with four different gooey cheeses? Then you might need to look up a few recipes because Pie Hole will be closed til Sunday!

The same arsonist, Caladan Storm, who set fire to Master Bates Inn, Comiquities, Civil Services, and the 24 Hour Pawn Shop, also managed to damage the established local pizza spot on her warpath. Less attention must’ve been given to the Italian eatery, as this had minor success, but they were still able to destroy half the shop.

The owner claims to have received a call from FDH in wee hours about the incident, and now is working on a deal with the Comiquities to join forces and see how they can work together to salvage their business.

“Even with insurance, this hurts. For everyone. We had a birthday planned Friday for a little kid. Maybe they can play with needles in a crack house.”

Despite the anger and resentment over the incident workers have found silver lining in this blessing in disguise. One worker revealed the plans that were communicated to them from management. These plans include pooling together insurance money and taking out loans to lease and work on the surrounding building in order for the two business to collaborate and sit side by side. “It’s a blessing in disguise really. Pizza, comics, and games all in one area… plus the Bakery is right there!”

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