More Police Corruption?

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by Dillion Walker

More police corruption? Or a great business idea. That is left to the reader to decide. It was learned that a female Officer has partook on a very unique business idea of adding porn to the uniform. This enticing entrepreneur has taken things to the extreme, even allowing the recent jail inmate by the name of Riley Lynch to have sexual intercourse with her through the bars of his cell, a risky move, but one that proved to work out for her. A video of the encounter was taken and can be seen at the website provided below.

There is another video on the web site that shows her engaging another unnamed male Officer in a back alley dirty exchange. Both were in uniform and on duty, but no one was injured during any of the videos. However her goal had seemed to be reached, that of an authentic series of pornography featuring real scenarios and real people. She has every intention of making more videos.

The website is

((submitted on behalf of author, Dillon Walker (Maura Vaher) ))

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